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mad polka and more
mrs. meyers love AfFAIRS
(polka-mad or polka madness?)

Only a few years ago the standard tag for this music would have been "folk".
Changing the label to "World Music" added a dash of off-the-wall exoticism.
But however popular pigeon-holing is, this pigeon's got 'em licked.
To face facts: "AfFAIRS" is a melting-pot of movers and shakers in the music scene,
fusing their enormous range of experience and apparent musical irreconcilabilities into a
conglomeration that's different from any other post-folk combo you care to name.
Behind them lies the musical primrose path they've abandoned;
ahead of them is the wild unknown, with its thorny, complex trails.

Gabriele Meyer - fiddle, viola, kontra
Michael 'Waki' Waterstradt - double bass
Mario Ferraro - elektric guitar, programming
Jo Meyer - melodeon, jew's harp, percussion

Gabriele Meyer, one of the most versatile and talented fiddlers on the German music scene,
strips to the skin of her many musical passions.

Michael Waterstradt has touched bass in most of the folk and jazz styles in the universe,
earning him the title of Dr. Groove.

Mario Ferraro might be audibly open to the world of world music,
but he can't deny his rock 'n' roll past. And why the hell should he?

Jo Meyer, truly the eminence grise of the Deutschfolk Revival,
hots up archaic sounds with a barrel of zeitgeist and old-hand dancefolk.

Acoustic loops are shaken and stirred with rootsy melody lines,
guitar licks plunge into a mesh of improvisation,
double-bass grooves flirt with Cuban rhythms and rub shoulders with traditional German airs.